Local Riders

For all the local riders, there will be SHOWERS available for use on Saturday after the ride(s) at the Canadaigua YMCA so you can get ready for dinner at the New York Wine & Culinary Center without having to drive home first!

Special thanks to Laurie O’Shaughnessy, Executive Director, for allowing the local athletes to use their facility! Just stop at the front desk of the Canadaigua YMCA and tell the staff that you are an athlete with the Wine Country Ramble.

NOTE: You must bring your own supplies and towel! And please be patient as members of the YMCA will be using the facility as well.

DIRECTIONS from Sonnenberg Gardens: Exit the event parking lot and take a right onto Gibson St. (Route 21) and head West, take a left on Main St (Route 332), in about 100 yards take a right onto Atwater Place and continue straight into the YMCA parking lot. The YMCA is the only building on this street and the entrance is off of Atwater Place. Please look at the PDF map for directions – MAP

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