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All About Your BIKE


Helmets are a MUST! They are absolutely required so please bring your helmet with you to take part in the rides. We are very sorry but if you do not have a helmet, we will not be able to let you partake in the ride(s).

Recommended Pre-event Bicycle Maintenance:

We recommend that you have your bike tuned up by a professional mechanic prior to the event.

This is the best way to have your bike prepared and ready to go the distance.

Another item of interest is flat-resistant tires – riders that try them say that they are worth their weight in gold, we agree!

Professional Bicycle Mechanic On-Site Each Morning:

Each morning, starting at 6:30a.m., a professional mechanic will be on site to help take care of mechanical adjustments, issues, flat tires, etc. that you have experienced.

The mechanic will be located at Registration in the Carriage Building within Sonnenberg Gardens. He will do his best to help all of the riders, please understand that some problems (i.e. a broken frame) cannot be repaired on site.

Pre/Post-Event Services – Bicycle Assembly/Disassembly & Shipping:

Contact the event bike shop, Full Moon Vista, and they can take care of your needs. Give them a call or email and they will give you a quote and time estimate immediately. They can be reached at 585-546-4030, shana@fullmoonvista.com or their address is 661 South Ave Rochester NY 14620.

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